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PT. BEVERLY AGENCY INDONESIA was established based on the obsession to become Leading Corporation in supplying FISHERMAN/ SEAMAN/ GENERAL WORKER/ CONSTRUCTION WORKER/ WELDER AND MANY MORE WORKER SUCH AS: It, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Technician and we will supply all worker base on your request in Indonesia at foreign companies both internationally and domestic as well.

Statistics shows that Indonesian manpower is very competitive in compensation compare with other countries, However the Indonesian SEAMAN/ FISHERMAN/ WORKER has still lack of skills after graduate from high schools, therefore it needs for recruiting, re-educate and give the skills training to cope with the foreign companies environment in order to prevent the dispute or decreasing industrial relationships may occur in future where the globalization era is very tough competitions nowadays.

In view above case, PT. BEVERLY AGENCY INDONESIA plays important role to recruit, re-educate, and train and supply Indonesian manpower to industrial companies. PT. BEVERLY AGENCY INDONESIA targets the supplying SEAMAN/ FISHERMAN/ WORKER from the medium – low economy as social responsibility to increase SEAMAN/ FISHERMAN/ WORKER quality based on their competency. As the result of the training, this people can work in industry. The Alumni who already work in several companies, PT. BEVERLY AGENCY INDONESIA will maintain the relationship both the permanent or contract employment.

Finally, PT. BEVERLY AGENCY INDONESIA is expected as number one SEAMAN/ FISHERMAN/ WORKER supplying for 6 years later on by developing international and domestic relationship with industrial companies.


PT. BEVERLY AGENCY INDONESIA Was supported by some well experience as seaman, worker in foreign countries in many sector. Home base/ main office in Tangerang city, it mean we will deploy all worker from many island in Indonesia, no matter what are their ETHNICALLY Distinct groups, Part, Family and Nation.

PT. BEVERLY AGENCY INDONESIA was established on September 15th, 2011 with the vision to develop Indonesian SEAMAN/ FISHERMAN and GENERAL WORKER through education, training, consultancy and recruiting business which collaborate with international and national companies.

We, PT. BEVERLY AGENCY INDONESIA was supported by some foreign companies and also supported by local companies to fill some job vacancy in al sector.

PT. BEVERLY AGENCY INDONESIA was founded with obsession to be number one supplying Indonesian SEAMAN/ FISHERMAN/ WORKER. Starting with business activity in recruiting and selection, then developing the human resource through education, training, consultancy based on the companies requirements. PT. BEVERLY AGENCY INDONESIA main SEAMAN/ FISHERMAN/ WORKER from medium low economy level society which graduate from high schools or vocational schools throughout in Indonesia. Later on PT. BEVERLY AGENCY INDONESIA will become the leading institution in producing the Indonesia SEAMAN/ FISHERMAN/ WORKER.


The symbols of PT. BEVERLY AGENCY INDONESIA consist of

  1. Map/ Globe: The global map means that our people will think globally with international environment and we are ready to supply worker around the world both land and sea area.
  2. Color: Blue Bencher means that our people ready to solve the challenge situations in doing business activities.
  3. Motto: Improvement Quality Service.


  • To be become number one Indonesian SEAMAN/ FISHERMAN/ WORKER supply through education, training, consultancy and recruiting.
  • To be the one of leading company with difference style and be the “ONE STOP EMPLOYMENT AGENCY” in Indonesia, it mean WE PT. BEVERLY AGENCY INDONESIA, develop all job seeker in Indonesia until finally all employee guarantee to be deployed by the company which all employee can find their job like what do they goal.


Recruiting the specified and qualified skilled.

 To develop high quality SEAMAN/ FISHERMAN/ WORKER through education, training, consultancy and recruiting in order to fulfill the market demand both international and domestically.

Increasing the specialist skill work force through continuously training and education. Provide the competitive work force demand, sense and etiquette.Maintain trust with user work force companies using PT. BEVERLY AGENCY INDONESIA services. Services with synergic and professional.

 PT. BEVERLY AGENCY INDONESIA present to services, with the professional and capable team that provides the technique skilled and managerial labor demand. PT. BEVERLY AGENCY INDONESIA helps to shape and make tenacity work force, hard working and good attitude.

Manpower recruiting and employment involves the academic and university in psychology test,

PT. BEVERLY AGENCY INDONESIA commit to professional processing and open to joint with work force supplier association in country and overseas, government as the public regulator and non government who care the work force as ILO (International Labor Organization).

 6. AIMS:

 - To become reputable SEAMAN/ FISHERMAN/ WORKER supply in Indonesia.

- Developing business by creating the international cooperation.

- Developing “PT. BEVERLY AGENCY INDONESIA” as service.


 The company location is strategic place and it is easy to reach by transpiration from other places. (Gambir & SENEN Train station also Some bus station such as: Senen bus station, Kampung Rambutan bus station, Lebak Bulus bus station, Block M bus station through Kebayoran lama. All minibuses and public transportation please take to CILEDUG City.

The following address:


8. program services:


  • Mandarin language Training for Fisherman for Taiwan vessel.
  • Fishery Japanese Training program for Candidate which interested for Japan vessel.
  • Other training program necessaries depend on the requirements.


  • Recruit and Select the candidates based on the client’s demand for SEAMAN/ FISHERMAN/ WORKER AND GENERAL WORKER, CONSTRUCTION AND MUCH MORE.
  • We specialized in recruitment of sailor or ship crews for Fishing vessels such as:
  • Long Line; Trawl; Fish Bottom; Purse seiner; Refer Cargo; Bulk Carrier; Container; LNG and all kind of the vessel;  Trainee.

 Our recruitment services had been used mostly by shipping companies from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Panama, Greece and other countries in European Zone. For the past years, we have expanded our business in General trading and Export-Import of Baits especially for Mil, Fish, Tuna Fish and Laying Fish.

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